September 18, 2006

Balls needs home

Whilst the gentle thud of hats being thrown into the ring for the honourof succeeding John Prescott turns to a deafening chorus, spare a thoughtfor the future de-facto Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Ed Balls, whocould be without at seat come 2009. Balls wrote (link: ) to the boundary commission in February in an attempt to get them to reverse their decision to abolish his Normanton constituency. Whilst the letter ran into 14 pages there is little sign that the boundary commission will change their minds. Nor despite his efforts are the courts as likely as the Parliamentary Labour Party to yield to Gordon's golden son but circumstances may yet protect our brave boy, the rising hope of Brownite Britain. One theory doing the rounds before recess was that Balls would inherit Sedgefield completing the "stableandorderlytransition". However the last week has brought troubling dark clouds to hang over our hero's head- if Gordon forces Tony out, would Ed not have a seat for next time to take up his cabinet post from... read next time for further installments on how the young prince of Brownism fares in the dark and dusky caverns of the constituency parties.

Other rumours have our brown eyed boy setting off to sit midst Prescott's mighty empire. And Boris Johnson is offering marriage counselling for Yvette Cooper and Ed Balls, fighting now for the same seat (the last link was too good not to include).