September 25, 2006

Browned off!

The Newsnight focus groups this evening give a very good indication of real difficulties ahead for Gordon Brown. Brown's been around so long that he is in danger of turning into Heseltine and not Major- the problem is that there seems to be no Major around, John Reid is a thuggish one but doesn't seem to want the prize. It is a big problem- no matter how Charlie Whelan tries to massage it in the Guardian . The further problem is that there is no story in Gordon Brown marching to victory- what Whelan and others like Peter Hain on tonights Newsnight have tried to do is close down the story- they want no more stories about the Leadership election only stories about Brown's next government and speculation about it. The problem is that there is a story- Brown's trump card is that he is malevolent and vengeful- he will destroy people if they stand against him but on the other hand it may be that Brown's power only lasts till his election and then fade very quickly. What we may see is that this is Brown's moment and 'never glad confident morning again' after this run to the leadership and after that merely a couple of years of troubles.