September 20, 2006

Clare in a spin

The court at Westminster opened early this week to hear unfounded allegations and unscrupulous inuendo, in the chair the scourge of the Sun, the hanging judge her honour milady Clare Short, and the case, why the handling of the pre war Iraq invasion.

You see rumours have reached the Gracchi, unsubstantiated and inaccurate, scurrulous and ill informed speculation- that Clare Short, soon to be late of this parish, was so interested in her resignation, so consumed with fury against our dear leader Tony, so convulsed with indecision about whether to resign or not that she may have spent so much time deciding what to do that she forgot to plan for the reconstruction of Basra. You see civil servants have begun wondering if instead of endlessly thinking about whether Miss Short was dispensable or indispensable to the government, it might have been wise to think of the houses in Basra.

The case was dismissed, Miss Justice Short concluding that the case was based upon immature speculation and a compulsive need to find the government guilty no matter what-

Next week, Miss Justice Short on whether Tony Blair was worse than Hitler and Stalin put together.