September 26, 2006

Tom Harris MP= Lack of sense of humour

At Party Conferences during leadership campaigns the media do silly things and politicians have a chance to prove their credentials as men and women with a sense of humour- it was no different this year at the Labour Conference where Newsnight went around handing out wristbands to members of the party to denote who they supported.

Most took it in good part. John McDonnell found it hilarious. Alan Milburne jokingly stated that he couldn't take one because they had given him his least favourite colour yellow. Stephen Pound took one look and went for a stay to the end of the Parliament and started laughing.

Some however demonstrated another kind of attitude to politics, foremost amongst those being Tom Harris who denounced the BBC for speculating about the leadership, challenged them about how they were spending the license fee and generally was obnoxious. According to Mr Harris- noone should speculate about the leadership of the country until he and his mates have decided who it should be- one wonders about the man's sanity.

(Harris later admitted he was being a fool and apologised so good on him!)