October 07, 2006

Anna Politkovskaya Dead!

Anna Polikovskaya was one of the bravest investigative journalists around today- she brought uncomfortable truths to light about Russia and its campaigns in Chechnya, about the Putin regime and Yeltsin's government. According to the Guardian she was found shot dead today in an appartment building in Russia. There is a good tribute to her here. No motive for her death has yet been ascertained, yet rumour and speculation has already started. Polikovskaya was one of the bravest reporters in the world at the moment, reporting on the ways that Putin and his regime had committed war crimes in Chechnya and had links with bandits and gangsters closer to home. I have only read one of her books and yet through it you could easily see her courage. Anyone who esteems Russia or good journalism should feel very sad today and salute a woman who truly beleived that Russians deserved the same rights and freedoms as anyone else.

Some of her articles can be seen here


Political Umpire said...

I worked for a time with a bloke who was heavily involved in Russia in the late 1990s - nothing would surprise me given the stories he had to tell about assassinations there amongst the political and industrial elite ...

Ps interesting blog!

Gracchi said...

Thanks very much. Yeah I went to Russia recently and saw what it looked like and was heavily suspicious just from some of the things I saw. Her writing also made a really deep impression upon me. Glad you liked the blog- yours isn't bad either.