October 11, 2006

Blunkett in a bunker

Well the third installment of David Blunkett's diaries have been published and apart from revealing that David was right about everything and that nobody said anything else in Cabinet of any consequence, save when they commented that David was a jolly good chap with a jolly good idea about the situation and extremely loyal to Tony taking hard decisions, they reveal Blunkett's absolute contempt for the MOD and the Foreign Office. Seems like Blunkett who says that the media were more trustworthy than civil servants, hated the Chief of the Defence Staff, couldn't be bothered to look at military maps because he had listened to Five Live that morning and in general rubbished the civil servants every time they said anything.

Now we realise why it was a complete surprise that the civil servants fearing his bullying (apologies that should read justifiable orders) reacted in the way they did about the visa scandal.

They were civil servants and hence incompetent- now if it had been the media or politicians or David himself all would have been different!