October 20, 2006

Exit left: Clare Short

Clare Short has left the Labour Party- her reasons are outlined here and she is doing an interview on PM this evening. In many ways the tragedy of Clare Short's political career is how censorious she has become of her former colleagues- ones that she was happy to work with for a long time, as we attempted to indicate here Short unlike Robin Cook adopted an attitude of outright hatred towards her former allies. Partly she was stimulated in her hatred by the fact that she was outmanoeurvred by the Prime Minister so completely in the run-up to the Iraq War.

Her style of opposition has been so full of personal pique that she has lost all her standing within the Labour party- instead of becoming Robin Cook, a vacancy still open to someone to represent the sensible Left against Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

(I've corrected a bad link- apologies to anyone who followed it but unfortunately I'd linked to the Guardian's breaking news section instead of to a main news article- the link does work now, and I apologise.)


Anonymous said...

An absolute disgrace. Check out her 2005 election leaflet here. I would be outraged if I had voted for her at the last election.

edmund said...

note she also resigned after Cook and after the war! I think her tendneyc to self aggredazing moralism has become clear of late

disilusioned and bored, I don't necessarily disagree but the link's not working do you think you could replace it?

Gracchi said...

Dissillusioned and Bored: Yes I agree with you- I think there is a case that she should resign her seat and run again but that to me is a matter of ethics- we can't and shouldn't be able to force her to do so, but I do think she ought to.

Edmund yes I agree with the tenor of your comments- I just think her versus Cook in the way that they handled their resignations over the war were fascinating case studies. Cook and Denham opted to resign but only oppose the Iraq war and some other bits of controversial leglislation but made it quite clear that they backed the government that they had served in on everything else. Short though swerved into outright and complete opposition- that's what I have against her, the inconsistency, a matter which I suppose comes straight back to dissillusioned and bored's post.

By the way for the info of anyone interested in looking at D and B's link- its one of the posts on their blog and you can get there by clicking on the name highlighted in blue.