October 13, 2006


Today in the Times Ben Macintyre reveals (or has had leaked to him- in which case this paragraph is redundant) Gordon Brown's reading list. This blog is no fan of Brown- we've compared him to Neville Chamberlain once already. Having said that- we (like the Guardian) are in favour of any politician who reads more than blue books, as Denis Healey used to say having a hinterland, is one of the ways for a politician to stay sane. I hope it helps Gordon Brown in the same way.


Anonymous said...

Don't you think that the list is a bit 'A' level. There's nothing offensive or interesting in there. Just a lot of the kind of things that one might leave on a sitting room bookcase if you wanted to try and impress visitors. It's also a bit worthy. Where's the heat magazine or a Tom Clancy? Perhaps I am just a little too low brow.

Ben H

Gracchi said...

Yes it is a bit worthy Ben I agree but on the other hand demonstrating he can read at least puts him in advance of Blair... there is a kind of intellectualism about Brown that I quite like. Having said that I suspect its all just spin.