October 14, 2006

Press 0 Dictators 1

Tonight's early edition of the Observer has stepped forward to defend Kazakhstan's people and government from outrageous slurs in the Western media. We concur entirely in a defence of Kazakhstan's people- but Steven Leeyers may have gone too far in this wonderful piece of writing: speaking of the new capitol he aclaimed a visonary city... taking place on Kazakhstan's plains

In Leeyers' report Kazakhstan's population did not oppose the 1997 relocation of their capitol to the north of the country far away from their previous capitol, which wasted their taxes on a vanity project and enriched the Presidents family as they got the majority of the contracts to build the new capitol. Such a perspective is mere Western cynicism- President Nazarbayov (elected 1991, 'authoritarian' according to CIA World Factbook) embodies in his frame the spirit of his people, elections are common and only one party dominates both the upper and lower house of Parliament- demonstrating the government's popularity. Encouraged by discontented elements, Westerners have been their usual prejudiced selves- the Observer speaking with the voice of enlightenment can help us though to understand Kazakhstan much better and not deride the new capitol.

This blog- whilst acknowledging the Observer's wonderful prose- wonders whether they would like to be subject to the same analysis they put politicians under. One hopes that Mr Leeyers when or if he went to Kazakhstan was not entertained by the Kazhakstani Government, did not spend any time with minders, nor had his visit arranged by anyone else. I mean this visit is almost certainly unrelated to the huge ammounts of money from Kazakhstan in the hands of PR companies, isn't it. But he is a journalist, so needs no questions to answer- afterall all journalists act in the public interest- and no visitors to a dictatorial regime have ever misreported a dictatorial regime- well not since Stalin and the Webbs

We can trust them- after all they are so justly trusting of us (as any doorstepped fule doth know).


This update by Vilhelm Konnander is a key support to this Blog's argument that Kazakh affairs are not all as they seem.