October 10, 2006

Robin Hood for Tory Leader

Dave made it perfectly clear down in Bournemouth that the old policies on tax weren't coming back (see here), which will leave some scrapping around for a champion of the low tax economy.

Step forward an unlikely hero.

No not Nigel Farage whose party are helpfully doing the splits- again- but a champion of the working classes, the proletariate's own hero from the miner's county!

Having returned from a ruinous war in the Middle East, according to the BBC, Robin of Locksley found his beloved home impoverished by ruinous taxation from an avaricious local bureacrat or sherriff. In his first local council meeting with the bureacratic busybody of Nottingham Castle, our brave representative of Locksley Hall South, gave a classic account of how by diminishing taxation on the poor, trade would be encouraged and the tax yield rise. Whilst the share that the Sheriff would be taking would be less, the value of this share would increase.

Of course after this, Robin Hood (for that is who our hero is) was forced into rebellion taking up his sword for universal human rights, female equality and a secular state which tolerated minorities. All vibrant causes in the 12th Century or 13th Century.

To be serious and not entirely flippant- Gracchi fears this represents one of three developments- either the BBC has become more rightwing than the Tory leader, or they've discovered a new 12th Century version of Adam Smith which proves the Scot nicked all his ideas from a Nottingham lad or maybe we are just over analysing popular culture?

Wonder which it could be...


Dave Hill said...

I think we may be overanalysing popular culture. But what the hell?


And look here too.



Gracchi said...

Thanks Dave yeah I saw those articles and enjoyed them