October 04, 2006

Why would anyone want to go into public life?

Because of this?

Watch Boris Johnson being chased out of the Tory conference by the media for saying that children were entitled to eat what their parents fed them, that Brown being Scottish might be a problem and that more localism might end in Sharia law in some areas- now all three comments might be stupid but all three sound like off the cuff remarks and shouldn't be taken too seriously. All three needless to say have been said by the very journalists chasing him several times- but oh well since when was consistency associated with the press- quis custodiet custodes?


Anonymous said...

it's depressing that Boris is in most trouble for saying the truth-not for his sins or stupid comments

Gracchi said...

To be honest I was just more depressed by the fact they weren't even taking on his arguments but just bawling have you made a gaffe will you apologise to Jamie Oliver- Christ when will the media give us the politics they claim to want to give us- based around issues.