November 21, 2006

Best of the Net

James Higham has a post up discussing some of the more interesting blogs on the net and skewering them. I have to say his promised critique of this blog was far softer than I expected. Anyway there are some great blogs reviewed over there- James has done this a couple of times and everytime he seems to have found a couple of gems I hadn't seen- so go there, get reading and hope it inspires more people to get blogging!

I'm putting this under carnivals because it really is a carnival of new blogs- its a great collection though.


Nice Uncle Andy said...

Mary Whitehouse or Julie Bindel have had been banned from the Guardian comment pages. You seem to get away with shamless self promotion- I do not. Put a link and show support for freedom of speech !

Gracchi said...

All I do is submit opinions and put the URL of my blog after them like you would do on any other blog. But my opinions are attempting to be constructive and thoughtful- I don't know why you are banned if you are- they are having problems with their website at the moment, comments keep disappearing, even all the comments on a single column, and there is an error in comemnting on some columns where they cite typepad error something or other so it might be that. I think looking at your blog you should go and maybe get Mr Eugenides or Devil's Kitchen to link to you- it seems more the type of market that your blog aims at. Good luck.