November 27, 2006

Does Rightwing anti-semitism exist?

Surely not- or rather maybe- take this commenter on Hugh Hewitt's townhall column (the comment has now been removed- but commenters further down the post refer to it- I got the citation from Andrew Sullivan)

"Schumer is a Radical Communist Jew - he is clearly in that part of the Jewish religion that supports Socialism and Communism. They claim to be secularist so they can attack all the other religions and hide their true affiliations. New York is full of these children of Communist immigrants of the early 20th century. FDR used them in very responsible positions during his Presidency to enact his Socialist programs and to get the approval of the Supreme Court, which he packed with Socialist thinkers. At that time Communism was on our side in the war. There are thousands just like Schumer but he is by far the most dangerous--George Soros is a close second. Look for the Radical Communist Jews in the MSM, Hollywood, the ACLU, and in the Judiciary as Judges and Lawyers,"

Those Radical Communist Jews- they are out to get you- but if the commenter supports Israel's existance he wouldn't according to Charles Krauthammer be an anti semite.

To be fair I should point out that I'm not arguing that every rightwinger is an anti semite and I appreciate the fact that Townhall removed this comment- but it does show that there are people on the right of the political spectrum in the US who are anti semites and I think it does demonstrate the truth of my argument in an earlier article cited above when I suggested that Europe may have less of a problem and America more of one than the conventional wisdom of Messrs Krauthammer, Steyn et al would lead you to beleive.


El Dave. said...

If the Nazis count as right-wing, I would say, yes, right-wing anti-Semitism does exist.

Gracchi said...

I'd agree but I wanted to hammer Krauthammer even more for the comments I cited earlier. This was a little release of anger- unusual on this blog I hope.

james higham said...

Oh, it's alive and well in America. In Britain, of course, it's institutionalized.