November 26, 2006

Some Suggestions for Russian Reading

Not sure how good nettiquete this is but I'm going to do it anyway- there are a couple of good suggestions here about books and studies to read about Russia- you have to wade through lots of comments but there are some gems worth finding so anyone interested in things Russian go over and take a look.


james higham said... anyone interested in things Russian go over and take a look.

Excellent idea. Come over to Russia and see what it's really like. We'll drink a vodka or eight together.

Gracchi said...

I didn't realise you were in Russia.

I was there a couple of years ago- went to Petersburg and Moscow and enjoyed Petersburg especially. I've only really read Politkovskaya about contemporary Russia though obviously some of Herzen, Tolstoy, Dosteovksy and Turgenev.

Ellee said...

James, so you do enjoy vodka. I have a neighbour who works there too and bring back about 50% proof vodka, it's like fire in your mouth.

I often wonder what Gum is like today, I'm not sure if you pop in there from time to time.

As regard the books, if I had the time, I would read them all, no doubt about it.

Gracchi, we'll have to compare notes of our trips to Russia if we meet up in Cambridge. I actually went with a group from CU Travellers and Explorers Club.

Gracchi said...

Indeed the revelation of a vodka drinking Mr Higham is something good- when I was in Russia I didn't drink enough of the good stuff not knowing enough Russians so it would be interesting- alas it might have to wait till I finish this bloody PhD!