December 05, 2006


Mr Higham has done it again, linking to a discussion of neo conservatism here in his latest blogfocus- but he has put together some other great posts too- including one by Tim Worstall on why economic professors do what they do?


e said...

Yes, He does come up with some priceless goodies, hard to believe he is sooooooooo far away.

Gracchi said...

Yes I agree with you.

I like that fact about his blog though- it does make it even more interesting because you are getting a view from someone who reads a Moscow not a British press.

But the ammount of time it must take to survey all the blogs and come up with cool stuff- given that you don't have to submit anything- the man is a legend in that way.

Ellee said...

I'm sure he would be delighted to know that his work is appreciated - and his elevation to legendary status!

Gracchi said...

Indeed its just a question of the mythical entity that Mr Higham represents- is he Thor or Odin or my own choice a mixture between Hermes and Loki- the cunning trickster of the blogosphere- with a ready wit. A kind of Russian Puck.