December 15, 2006

Carnival Time

Right guys- two great collections of posts up- one the carnival of cinema over here is a favourite from this blog, though I don't have a post in this week, too many books and too few films, having said that my absense has made no impact and there is still a great collection of posts this week on it- and the Carnival against Sexual Violence which includes a post from here this week and lots of other good posts against rape and other sexual violence. Enjoy both.


Anonymous said...

As much as one can enjoy a "Carnival Against Sexual Violence" I shall do my best! Thanks for the links.

Gracchi said...

Sorry about that- unfortunate words there. I don't obviously mean "enjoy" in one sense though lots of the posts are interesting they are about a subject that is grim. Anyway I hope people forget my unfelicitous use of language and just head over and read the posts- often its difficult ot come up with a good intro to the link, but those guys have got some good links up over there about a difficult and often neglected subject.