December 31, 2006

Go Forth and Philosophize

I have the honour of running this month's philosophy carnival which is out on 8th January- so I need some of your most eloquent posts- there is a submission form here and you just go down and click through to philosophy carnival and submit- or you can even email me it at the email address in my profile. Anyway anyone is welcome to submit- I'm not a philosopher so anyone can submit no matter what your qualifications- no matter what your expertise- anything is acceptable, though it has to be vaguely philosophical (writing about how George Bush is thick is not philosophical unless you point out he misquoted Descartes at the same time!). Anyway send me stuff, and I'm bound to include things like the recent debates on God at the imagined community and other blogs- but there may be things I've missed so send it in.

In the spirit of Spinoza, go forth and philosophise and bring me back the results.