December 21, 2006

Littlejohn exposed

Richard Littlejohn is one of those hacks that gives hackery a bad name. His journalism is empty of subtlety or thought, like a British Bill O'Reilly he blethers through the tabloids a scummy version of self satisfied hatred. Littlejohn's most recent column on the Ipswich murders is brilliantly destroyed here (hat tip to the ever informative Umpire for providing the link) but there is one thing that our fisker misses which I think is integral to Littlejohn's whole view of the world and that is an absense of any kind of compassion.

For Littlejohn the women murdered in Ipswich are whores who deserve what they got, they are girls who rejected the chance to be missionaries in Darfur in order to adopt another kind of missionary position. The fisk above shows how inadequate that is as an explanation of why these women ended on the street. But it also fails to even attempt to reach inside their psyches. What is it like to stand upon a street corner waiting for hours, to have sex with a man who may be twice your age maybe who is rude and violent? What is it like standing in all weathers exhibiting your body to allcomers and waiting for a car to drive up beside you? Has Littlejohn ever looked at the statistics about how much sex workers are assaulted and raped, has he ever wondered what its like to know that your co-workers have been assaulted or raped?

Furthermore how can Littlejohn from a study at the Daily Mail reach into the souls of these women and tell us that was what defined them as human beings- we don't know they may have been excellent friends, daughters even mothers. Has he even tried to work out what they may have been like, what they were as people? There is no empathy, no attempt to get into another person's skin in his columns- all they do is invite his readers to feel a smug self satisfaction that they aren't like that. Its difficult to say but there are some kinds of reading that lead to a closing of the mind- reading Littlejohn is one of those kinds of reading.


Political Umpire said...

Dead right G, as usual, but I'm not even sure that Littlejohn deserves the attention we've all given him. Short answer is that he is an arse who writes bigotted trash that his readers soak up; he's the equivalent of the pub bore who chants the same old mantra.

james higham said...

I think Littlejohn has now got his for an amazingly insensitive piece. I caught it first at the Umpire.

Gracchi said...

Unsurprisingly I agree with both of you-

Yes Umpire I agree with you- the problem is that he has so many readers but I don't think I'll be writing about him for a long time to come again- just like you this last article that the blogs covered provoked me to rage. I'm not easily provoked but stuff like this just winds me up.