December 29, 2006

Play it again in Parliament

Well, well, well it seems that some of our MPs have a good taste in movies. LibDems may split for Austin Powers baby, Tories may ooh matron go for Carry On Movies and Labour Politicians may go oop north for their entertainment with Brassed Off. The first two choices show interesting taste in entertainment or rather maybe interesting absense of taste (whoever said politicians were adolescents who hadn't grown up!), but politicians are at their best when non-partisan and the overall choice of MPs is one of the most amazing films ever made, apparantly in this survey, MP's favourite film of all time is Casablanca- hence all the pictureson the website.

To which the only response, has to be play it again.

If you've never seen Casablanca, give it a chance its an amazing film- one of the true greats from a great Hollywood decade. Sorry this is one of those films which is amongst the loves of my life. Its just amazing- go watch it.


james higham said...

Yes, Casablanca is decidedly up there with the greats.

Ellee said...

I don't want anything to do with Austin Powers. Casablanca is in a class of its own, along with Brief Encounter and Dr Zhivago as my favourites of old.

Gracchi said...

Ellee I echo every thing you say. Pity MPs don't share our taste about the former- though they do on Casablanca.