December 12, 2006

Privacy and Databases

Lord Ashcroft's report about the information commissioner's response to his queries about the use of the police database is worrying. According to Lord Ashcroft's report there were roughly 5,000 breaches of the data protection act and 11,000 possible breaches. A private detective firm carried out work for its clients to get this information off the police computers and then they used it for their own purposes.

Most of this information was used by the press to embarass people, some was used by insurance companies, but this should make us all think hard about extending the remit of those databases to things like identity cards. If they were so easily breached before by agents of the press, with more information on them, could they be breached by others whose intention wasn't say so benign!

(I should note I got this story from Iain Dale whose digging yet again does him credit.)


james higham said...

They are inexorably moving to an uber-database, Europe linked. They already have the global credit database and it's a matter of time before they join the dots and add medical and other aspects.

Gracchi said...

Its the fact that the security was so easily breached that gets me though- who else could do that? The incompetence stuns me.