December 29, 2006

Super Political Geek

I'm afraid I just took the Guardian end of year Politics Test and got 21 out of 25 questions right, I hang my head in shame- I'm not sure what I'm going to get more rebuked for round here- getting four wrong or getting 21 right.

Personally I'm more deeply ashamed of the latter- I know far too much about Liberal Democrat pop preferences for my own good.

I need to know more Locke and less Lembit.


CityUnslicker said...

I only got 20 and felt a failure. the line is always thin,

Gracchi said...

Yeah but I'd rather know something interesting like the mating habits of Patagonian shrimps rather than the mating habits of drunk Deputy PMs. I know what you mean though a part of me is ashamed that the geeky bit of me is ashamed at getting four wrong. Its a difficult life being a political blogger!