January 10, 2007

Interesting program on CounterFactual History

I am beggining more and more to link to things across the internet- this is one that really should entertain- its a program on 18 Doughty Street concerning Counter Factual History, the first part isn't as good when it focuses on the philosophy of counter factual history, the second though on the specific counterfactuals that each of the guests were involved in writing, Edward Heath's fall, the Great Reform Act, the strange death of Liberal England, the Czechs at Munich, the Alliance split in 1986 and Iain Dale on Portillo winning the election as a Tory leader in 1997. All of the contributors are fascinating- the earlier ones for their historical expertise and the later like Dale are wonderfully interesting for their insight into political gossip. It's a very interesting program.

Incidentally for the geeks out there like myself the interview with Chris Mullin, MP and author of a A Very British Coup (the fantastic exploration of what would have happened had a leftwing, unilateralist government been elected in the UK- its a fantastic drama but I digress. Mullin is also the MP for Sunderland South at present.