January 13, 2007

Is this a Labour MP's description of the present Cabinet?

(By the way this article is neither mature nor analytical- but I couldn't resist it.) Apparantly according to commenters at Labour Home this website is genuine (I have my doubts the description below is what is normally in Westminster called over frank- translates as stupidly honest- but then again Mitchell hasn't got a career to craft so it might be true- anyway its fun) and therefore this is Austin Mitchell's (MP for Grimsby) view of the cabinet

Its tough at the top. Labour`s sadness is to have no-one there who`s lovable, endearing, human. Clare Short, Mo Mowlem killed off. Ever awkward Robin Cook and honest Estelle, all gone. Along with the only total *****, Mandy.

Categorise our forgettable Cabinet. Give me your views on mitchellav@parliament.uk

Messianic Shit Talkers Miliband, Benn
Boring for Britain Hutton, Darling, McNulty, Beckett
Careerist Climbers Hain, Johnson, Alexander
Passengers, Spacefillers and Lunkheads lucky to be there Hoon, Armstrong, Smith
Milk Monitors Blears and Kelly
Bouncers Prescott, Reid
Impractical Pedants Hewitt, Straw

For some things there is a price- for others there is Austin Mitchell talking to his constituency association!


CityUnslicker said...

very funny. can't imagine it is real!

Gracchi said...

Its interesting its linked to the site which they work for you says is his official site. So it could be...

Bel said...

Austin Mitchell has a reputation for not holding back, so it could well be. Very entertaining, thank you for posting it.

Ellee said...

I do admire Clare Short for her honesty and Mo Mowlem for her dedication to the Irish problem, and Robin Cook too in his own way who was a superb speaker, I saw him once in Cambridge, but never Estelle Morris. I thought Austin Mitchell had possibilities, but I think he has passed his sell by date.I would like to see Ruth Kelly as milk monitor - is she up to the job though?

edmund said...

brilliant post

Mo Mowlam was no more dedicated to the Irish problem than Mandelson and a good deal less good at it- she was completely mistrusted by one side who woudln't talk to her due to her obvious bias. It takes a lot to be much less trusted than Mandelson

Cook was indeed a greater speaker and unlike the so honest "Short" actually voted against the Iraq war

Ruth Kelly is a very able women as her record shows.