February 13, 2007

Admin: Gracchi pontificates at Imagined Community and Welshcakes reviews from Sicily

I promised before that I'd link across to the articles I wrote at Imagined Community so here's a log of them

On Tuesday I looked into traditionalist Catholic anti-semitism

On Friday I enquired about apologising for slavery

On Sunday I wrote two articles- one which dealt with a possible anti-Taliban movement in Afghanistan and the other looked into the role of argument in Mr Smith goes to Washington

I also ought to point out that Welshcakes Limoncello has written a fantastic set of reviews of blogs, including this one. She is one of the nicest bloggers on the net and judging by the list of blogs she has reviewed also has extremely good taste (well I would say that Westminster Wisdom is amongst them!) seriously though she has written some really good reviews of some really good blogs- and you should go across and be tempted to expand your net reading habits!


Ellee said...

Yes, it was a fantastic review, you definitely deserve your high accolade for the intelligence and depth you add to Blogpower.

I love Sicily Scene too, how different from my Fenland landscape.

james higham said...

Oh, you wrote the Smith thing. I thought it was Ian. You get around, sir. Yes, those reviews of WCL were excellent.

Gracchi said...

Cheers Ellee your fenland landscapes are the Constables of Blogpower :) you add a kind of niceness of us and you've got breadth which I think is cool.

And James- a true gentleman of the blogosphere- thanks yeah Iain's back on 21st so I'm going to maintain things over there till then.