February 19, 2007

American Troops

Jonah Goldberg from the National Review quite rightly argues that it would be great if a new campaign could be started for troop conditions. He links to a series of Washington Post articles on the subject exposing some of the treatment of troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan- we need some reporting of this in the UK context as well. Its vital that if we send troops to war that we treat them well.

Incidentally I mention this as a follow up to my previous article on this topic.

LATER I should add that Glenn Greenwald has also commented on The National Review's Coverage.


CityUnslicker said...

This is a point well worth raising. Governments never want to acknowledge the sacrifice after wars though; costs too much money.

Not a pleasant thought is it.

Gracchi said...

I agree with you City Unslicker- its crucial that we look after soldiers when they return- I always get shocked by the conventional wisdom that a third of the homeless are former soldiers. The figure may not be correct but there does seem to be a problem there in the UK at least.