February 20, 2007

Blogroll addition

Normally I don't post about my additions to my blogroll- all of the blogs on there are well worth a read and many have some of the more interesting analysis on the net within their webpages- but it doesn't seem to me of much interest to most people coming to this site to know how the blogroll is progressing and why its expanding. However I want to make an exception today. As this diary from Daily Kos documents Congress has regularly prepared for it reports from the Congressional Research Service on almost any and every subject. Normally these are available only to members of the United States congress- and to constituents who request them from them- however that isn't completely true because a number of websites have begun to for a fee publish the reports having been handed them by Congressmen. However there are also free collections of the reports- which are a vital resource for US and World Politics (a February report on the evolving ideology of Al Qaeda will be the subject of a later post here). Three of those free collections are at Secrecy News (run by the Federation of American Scientists, Open CRS and the University of North Texas. I hope this is a useful set of resources for everyone.


james higham said...

Sifting through congressional reports is the stuff of the sleuth who is either professional or has time on his hands.

When the reports are handed out by congressmen, one wonders what the agenda is in each case.

Interesting post, Tiberius

F said...

True, they need analysis, however it's freedom of information rather than Big Brother Britain!


Ellee said...

Secrecy News certainly looks very interesting.