February 05, 2007

Gracchi at Imagined Community

I promised last week to post some links to the work I'd done for Ian at Imagined Community- so here is what I've done over the last week- the later ones may not be as well worked out because of circumstances but I hope there is something here to enjoy:

Last Sunday I wrote about the influence of Mongol culture upon the early Modern Mughal Empire in India

On Tuesday I picked up a different theme- analysing an article by William Pfaff about America and International Relations

On Thursday I briefly surveyed in an inexpert way some articles on the modern Chinese understanding of Mao

On Saturday I looked into the way that Rupert Everett the actor wrote his biography and what that showed us about biography as a genre

And today I wrote a brief summary of two blog articles from elsewhere which looked into 1 Sam 16.24

I hope there is something there to amuse and interest you!