March 18, 2007

Polls in Iraq

A Poll of 5,000 Iraqis seems to suggest that over 60% of them think that life is now better than under Saddam- I don't have the time to analyse this right here and now- but if its true it represents much better news than we have been used to receiving out of Iraq. I have lots of doubts though about the method to collect the poll and the people interviewed, plus it gives us a stationary view and doesn't suggest the trend line or that the policy options George Bush chose for dealing with the militias are right. But having said all of that- it is a rare piece of what might be good news from Iraq.


edmund said...

very good post- statemtn and cautions seem very true!

Of course one has to rember how bad saddam was- the fact 60% think that their sitaion is better does not mean it's necessarily better for us!

Gracchi said...

Good comment.