April 07, 2007

Blogfoci Roundup

James Higham is one of the best citizens of the blogosphere- always a kind and thoughtful chap he prepares little digests of the blogging world and now does, heroically three of these offerings every week. This week he put out three: a first including such wonderful writers as Paul Linford and Matthew Sinclair is here, a second includes posts on subjects as various as a blogging for business conference, profound thoughts and of course cherries and James's final and third includes posts about losing your keys and the Iran British standoff. As you can appreciate Mr Higham is a man of truly eclectic taste with a good eye- go over and take a look.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Gracchi. Came over to say "Happy Easter" then read your post about James. I totally agree he's exceptional and helps us all. Have a peaceful break.