April 14, 2007

The Curse of the Golden Flower or plugging one's own articles

I went last night to see the Curse of the Golden Flower with Matt Sinclair and Vino Sangrapillai- both of whom have their own blogs. Matt has reviewed it here- Vino's blog is here and as soon as he reviews it I'll edit this post and add a link to his review in it. Anyway I thought that regular readers of this blog might be interested in reading my review of this film for the Bits of News website and particularly how I interpret it as part of an ongoing preoccupation in the cinema of its director with the idea of tyranny.


james higham said...

Seems a stunning film but I think the review is equally as good:

...we have the same facade of respectability which masks a savagery of life red in tooth and claw...

How true.