April 16, 2007

Defence Procurement

This is a good article on Labour Home by Simon Morley- it concerns Defence Procurement and is a review of a book written by a former naval officer, apart from some gratuitous swipes at Cameron (it is afterall on Labour Home) there are some interesting ideas there, which could be taken up by any or all parties. I have no expertise in the area so I'm going to demure from further comment because I have really no view on what he talks about- but there are interesting issues about how we spend the resources which we allocate to defence and they are something that I am interested if inexpert about.


Vino S said...

Yes, he does raise a lot of questions about procurement. At the moment, it seems that funding is spread thinly between the services - despite the fact that the army is doing much more fighting than the Navy or the RAF.

The trouble is, though, the navy and the air force need to have spare capacity - in the event something should crop up when they need to be used. This is, i think, the crux of the dilemma.

Additionally, at the risk of taking an idea from 'Yes minister' :) I have never really seen why nuclear weapons should be a priority. I am very wary of them anyway - given that their use would be terrible and kill hundreds of thousands. And so it seems logical to me that, rather than spending money on renewing Trident, money should be spent on the conventional forces and bringing them up to scratch.