April 09, 2007

A Hitchcock Podcast

SPOILERS ALERT IN THE LINK. This is a very interesting podcast (it is part of a series of podcasts on philosophy and popular culture- other topics include James Bond and South Park) which lucidly takes you through basic ethical ideas- like those of Immanuel Kant, using Strangers on a Train as an example, asking Bruno the psycopath in the picture, various questions which a moralist might ask. If you intend to watch the film don't listen to the podcast for a bit- it has spoilers but if you have or don't wish to watch the film, it is an interesting podcast. Oh and by the way, if you haven't seen Strangers on a Train you ought to and one day I will review it on this blog.


james higham said...

Strangers on a Train is one of his best offerings. I look forward to your review, as I expect many others will.

Gracchi said...

Sir you put the pressure on- it is one of his best films- a real classic.