April 08, 2007

A wise old man

18 Doughty Street occasionally comes up trumps. This interview with the former Defence Secretary John Knott is a brilliant example of what it is good for. Knott is a superb interviewee with lots of interesting things to say- particularly about Afghanistan which he thinks we should withdraw from now and Iraq which he opposed. But he is almost most interesting in discussing some of the issues I raised earlier. Knott is also interesting on Yugoslavia- his wife is Slovenian. On the basis of this interview, if I were British Prime Minister and like Kennedy in 1962 sought to consult the wise men, the Dean Achesons of British Foreign Policy, then Knott would be amongst those that I would consult.


james higham said...

Yes, the man seems to ahve his head screwed on right. Wish that there were more such people out there influencing events.

CityUnslicker said...

I have been catching up on your blog today and you have done some great stuff recently.

I agree with your musing re the Falklands; it is a current story done badly in the media as they want to simplify.

The 18DS interview demonstrated this point well.

Gracchi said...

Thanks muchly to both of you.