May 24, 2007


Just noticed a new set of awards for blogging- amongst the nominees is the consistently interesting Not Saussure and the very good leftwing blogger Unity. There are many other good blogs there- but Not Saussure I have been reading for a while and he always publishes some very interesting stuff with an intelligent and thoughtful spin on it. Unity also is good- his taking apart of the BNP in this post is a joy to behold. I'd reccomend you read both blogs...

And I should have mentioned that Chris another great blogger is also up there.


Viking Sal said...

Taking apart the BNP via medieval history, a joy to read indeed. Ornamental indeed, tchah.

ashok karra said...

Are you up at any of these awards thingies?

If so, please do tell, and you'll get my vote.

I'm playing around with the blog today, btw, and any feedback you have about the sidebar/organizing the entries/writing an intro is most welcome. I'm not sure how to rig it up right now, and can use the help.

Gracchi said...

Viking Sal its just genius.

Ashok no- not good enough I'm afraid :)