May 01, 2007

Introducing... Yascha Mounk's European View!

I'm having a fairly unintelligent day but may post later. Anyway I thought I'd mention that I've added another blog to my blogroll. Yascha Mounk was at Cambridge with me and is now doing a PhD in America and researching in France for a year, his primary focus is political thought but he is also a good historian, his blog is here and is called A European View (fairly suitable for a man who can claim to have links with the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Poland- not to mention a couple of others he'll remind me of in the comments that I'd forgotten about!) He is one of the most learned and intellectually exciting individuals I've ever come across and his blog promises to be both provocative and interesting. Anyway I thoroughly reccomend it- and I should be posting a discussion of one of his posts round here soon but am too unintelligent to do it right now- he is a good lad and his work should be well worth a read. Enjoy!