May 26, 2007

Monty Python - International Philosophy

This is brilliant- I don't put many football posts on here- but I'm sure everyone will appreciate this is a special case and I bet you that even James, King of the Youtube Football post, can't beat this.

By the way watch to the end or you'll miss England's great midfield trio- Bentham, Locke and Hobbes! Obviously even our philosophers do best playing 4-3-3!


Anonymous said...

Got to love "Chopper" Socrates and "Nobby" Hegel.

James Hamilton said...

Oddly enough, Jose Mourinho, the only Premiership manager with an active and genuine interest in modern philosophy, also favours 4-3-3 wherever possible.

El Dave. said...

The English team:

Bentham in goal

Back row:
Darwin, Mill (JS), Oakeshott, Dawkins

Bentham, Locke, Hobbes

Pankhurst (E), Cromwell, Bacon

Dawkins a surprise inclusion, but he's been doing well recently and will work well with Darwin on the other wing.

Pankhurst up front, of course known for her strong attacks.

The manager is James Mill who will be delighted to see his son playing for the English team.

It'd be easier to do the Scottish team...

Gracchi said...

Right mate I'm taking that as a challenge- Scottish team here goes playing in a 442 formation

John Scotus in goal- a really competent goalkeeper able to deal with any syllogistic puzzles and work out the hardest scholastic swerve on any ball coming in.

Thomas Carlyle right back- a tricky right back sometimes a little prone to eccentricity and lapses of concentration, but a ferocious tackler and going forward has the ability to put a whipping cross in for the forwards to prosper from.

James Keir Hardie left back- a strict left back with an inspirational ability to start movements going down the left. This prodigy was sometimes neglected but his significance as a key player has emerged in recent centuries.

(Saint) Aidan- Again a man with a great skill to start movements- this Iona based player is great on the movement of the swerve of logical argument but also is inspirational and able to stimulate a team to take on Europe.

Robert Baillie- renowned controversialist and surprise choice. A strict Presbyterian he abhores all pagan philosophies or Catholic heresy and stops them from moving forwards. He is a solid centre half- who can be a chaplain to an army or design a constitution- all strikers fear him and few like playing against him.

David Hume centre midfield- Hume is an elegant creative midfield, his rolling periods can carry an idea forward wonderfully. He has the ability to blunt any attack with a sceptical thought or two or three- and set any attack going with one of his long sweeping syllogisms.

Adam Ferguson centre midfield- again like Hume a creative midfielder who has a sterner side. The man can set new subjects going- sociology for instance was a long pass from him- playing alongside his contemporary Hume he has a good understanding with him.

Adam Smith right wing- Smith can almost be counted as a central midfielder, he tucks in beside his great friend David Hume. He plays an economic game- constricts the opposing players movement but he also has a good sense of how a just ball can be played and he can empathise with any pass plays towards him, chasing it down before anyone else notices its happening.

Dugald Stewart leftwing- again an interesting player more apt at deceiving people as to others' intentions but he's a very good recycler of the ball- can edit and move things on wonderfully to the strikers, his only weakness perhaps is a lack of his own creativity but beside Hume, Smith and Ferguson he can do very well.

George Buchanan forward- very much the classic Puritan centre forward, he's got a strong shot and a wonderful sermon on him. He's a great player to have on your side- can put it about, doesn't have any respect for any other players- even Kings- and has a wonderful all round game, translating latin and hebrew passes into good scottish moves, on the European stage he is a good respected player.

James VI and I- born to high office and trained by his enemy Buchanan he is a silky skilful player, adept at getting out of tricky political tackles. He is a good clever opportunistic player- the Peter Beardsley of the Scottish team- keeps the passing ticking over and plays a lovely through ball. He also has a wonderful sense of confidence- some say he thinks he has a divine right to score every time- that's a weakness in his over confident son but in James its a real strength when combined with his canny appreciation fo the situation- has played abroad as well in England and did well.