June 13, 2007

Blogpower awards

Just thought I'd mention if anybody's been following it that the Blogpower awards have been published. Blogpower was a collective of small bloggers set up to hype each other up to a degree and to recognise merit. Some of these awards I disagree with violently- but there are some I am very happy with and personally think that a couple have gone to some of the nicest and best bloggers out there- personally I'd like to congratulate some people who have really deserved their awards and who haven't been recognised before, James Higham and I have frequent disagreements but I have to say that he is one of the most friendly and helpful people I have ever met on the blogosphere and thoroughly deserves his award for best contribution to blogging, Ruthie Zaftig is someone I have only just come across but combines the personal and political in a really brilliant way, Not Saussure is one of the best bloggers around and recently got a different award for it and deserves his award thoroughly as does Mr Eugenides a fearsome debater (Unity is equally an amazing blogger who thoroughly deserves his award) and Chris Dillow possibly the best intellectual political blogger in the UK would stand high in my list if I were ever giving out awards. And I doubt you could find a nicer person in all Sicily than Welshcakes Limoncello- reading her stuff always brings a smile to me- accept that is when I'm hungry and she has posted another picture of yet more delicious Italian food.

Yes there are some awards I disagree with, some very violently,- some blogs I don't know- but all in all I'm happy to see many people whose blogs I really admire get some recognition- if it keeps the Ruthies, Jameses, Welshcakeses and Not Saussures going through the dark nights of blogging then all the better! (Personally I doubt Mr Eugenides or Unity need encouraging given the zest they give to their fiskings- and as for Dillow well the man's mind is big enough that it would explode without his blog!)


james higham said...

Which raises the obvious question - which one do you violently disagree with? Not Category 11?

Gracchi said...

Those ones from which you recused yourself obviously James.

There were a couple that I thought were misplaced such is the nature of a democratic vote- I wouldn't like to comment on which they were and I think its churlish to say anymore.

Lord Nazh said...

I'd say (from reading his post) the he disagreed with #2 :)