June 10, 2007


The Britblog is a collaborative enterprise and is about supporting each other- seems like a good way to begin is to advertise some recent awards that include many British bloggers- including yours truly and are open to us all to vote in, the polls are open till Wednesday so go down there and vote in the Blogpower Blogging awards.

Ok that's done- so now let's move into the world of politics and see what the political guys have to say for themselves.

Well first the City Unslicker has cast his eyes over the economy- here are his suggestions for reform. Chris Dillow is also interested in the UK economy and posts a very interesting examination of that perrennial Daily Mail subject the Housing market here. Tim Worstall though turns to the Banking industry and what will replace Banking charges in making them money- tip watch those interest rates!. Pommygranate returns us to Gordon with some worrying charts from Standard and Poor.

The Norfolk blogger is also interested in the Chancellor's latest machinations- only for him its Anglican Church disestablishment and whether Gordon secretly is in favour that's in question, oh by the way our man in Norfolk is now apparantly famous in Bexley and will issue a range of merchandise soon! Our man from Norfolk may be happy with Gordon, but James Cleverly isn't- he is shocked by Brown's behaviour over security.

Of course all politics isn't Brown, there is the Labour Deputy Leadership election as well- Paul Linford has been campaigning for Hillary Benn, Kerron Cross is astonished how bad the campaigns are at campaigning, Harry Barnes has endorsed Peter Hain, the People's Commissar has a list of many reasons to Vote Cruddas and the Politaholic despite finding Alan Johnson an amiable chap declares he thinks that Benn and Harmon are the best of a bad bunch. (Incidentally if you are bored of any of this- feel pity for Tom Hamilton who liveblogged question time this week and wasn't impressed!)

But like Mr Benn, we want our issues- so lets turn to Council Housing- where Theo detects real improvements, Theo might be happy but Unity isn't and Partnership for Schools are getting it from him for announcing a redesign of school toilets. Dave Hill brings depressing news from Westfield about young people with nothing to do but drink. The Mainstream media comes in for a bit of criticism this week though- Not Saussure is not a fan of the way that Kirsty Wark interviewed Alex Salmond. It was about a Libyan prisoner in Scotland- Mr Eugenides thinks that its worth asking whether the Libyan government is more trustworthy than the British on whether negotiations about that prisoner did take place. Skipper wants though to support Ken Clarke's democracy task force but can it really restore our trust in politicians?.

Worldwide issues have also been receiving attention recently- Vino has some wonderful posts up- especially a two parter on Kashmir (here and here) and a more recent post on Indonesia. Well the biggest world wide issue of them all might well be global warming and on that the big beasts of the blogging jungle have been crossing antlers, first up Sunny Hundal, Devils Kitchen responds and Matt tries to sum up this skirmish- this one methinks is going to run on.

Ah well but you don't just want politics- and the British blogs don't just provide politics- we are much more sophisticated than that. We know like Tim Almond that if you send an email you can't trust that it has got to the person you wanted it to get to and like the Yorkshire soul, we know that OAPS mask behind an exterior of tradition the minds of ruthless drug dealers! Sally in Norfolk has been demonstrating her cannyness- picking food at a market in Cambridge. James Higham, a true friend to many blogs, has been under the cosh recently and written about it here. One of the saddest sights is seeing a great blogger losing enthusiasm- so can I just launch a personal appeal for the yellow duck to go back to his pond!

This is all getting a bit domestic- lets get cultural because there is a lot as ever going on in the cultural world. Over at the mad musings of me- the retirement of Darcy Bussell is hailed. If that's the end- Filmick has rumours of a new project in the pipeline, a fourth Beverly Hills Cop Film directed by Tarentino. Baroque in Hackney has done better than just think about new art, she's got two poems published! Time for a review, Interval Drinks saw Take Care of Baby and found it interesting if unsatisfying. Richard Brunton isn't focusing on particular films at the moment- rather he wonders which is the most terrifying serial killer. For scariness, Richard, fancy being buried alive in Kent- the early modern whale tells the story. From the scary to the sublime- the Periodic Englishman describes the almost religious feelings that music produces within him.

But that's not all for I have a wonderful series of posts to tell you about- James Hamilton on Brian Clough- a biography in six posts so far(and he has only just got to the end of Clough as a player) here, here, here, here, here and lastly here- his work is fascinating as a combination of sociology and sport. Black Right and Red all over sums up over here a traumatic month for Newcastle United. The Political Umpire ranges over slightly wider territory- musing on Michael Vaughan the England cricket captain- he ranges far and wide over the issue of sportsmen and the media.

Last things- Iain Dale wants bloggers to come and listen to Douglas Hurd talk about Robert Peel- so if you have a free afternoon- go along- I'll be there!

Right ok- that's it- next week there'll be yet another Britblog- to enter posts and please do send them to britblogatgmail.com.


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thanks for the link, Gracchi.

Gracchi said...

No probs

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Much obliged for the link.

yellowduck said...

Too kind, too kind.

I'm still meditating in my cave, but I'll get my act together soon. Promise / threat.

Love your work, though, keep it up and take care with everything.

CityUnslicker said...

thanks for this. I have never been in a britblog round up before!