June 03, 2007

David Mellor

David Mellor, who used to be a British Cabinet Minister until he resigned in disgrace, recently went on the radio to criticise David Cameron. Mellor made several points- almost all of them wrong. Mellor rebuked Cameron for his lack of economic competence- from a man who was Chief Secretary during the period that we were in the ERM (which was the point from which the Tory reputation on economics became cataclysmic) and whose main claim to fame in office was to have sex in a Chelsea strip the attacks on competence are a bit rich. Mellor can't really talk about media management either- this is the man who after he had an affair forced his wife to come out and speak to the journalists about it the day she found out about it. Mellor's scalp was possibly the most universally cheered moment of the 1997 election as he fell in Putney (a seat that the Tories should never really have lost) and his immature rants about football on the BBC, which struck new levels both in condescending and patronising slime, overt bias and blatant disregard for the facts merely reminded the public of why he should never be in politics again. You can criticise David Cameron all you like- and this blog isn't a big fan- but David Mellor is someone unfit to wash the shoes of any of the present leaders of the UK political parties (I'm including Gordon Brown in that as well)- he should grow up- but considering his political record is one of oleaginous climbing, sleeping with women half his age and jibing from the outside- growing up isn't something he seems particularly adept at.

(Apologies was just consumed by wrath- there aren't many politicians that I heartily dislike- Mellor is one.)


Anonymous said...

Here Here! He is truely obnoxious and utterly useless!

Anonymous said...

Gracchi, unusually unbalanced commentary. I like it! Particularly when aimed at Mellor.

James Hamilton said...

The Chelsea strip story is apocryphal, but you might say that once it was out, the rest was history.

edmund said...

i don't like mellor much either.

The ERM point is stronger than you make it sound- he was an enthusisast for it- (unlike Lamont andi t appears Camoeurn himself) so can very directly be said to show that.

I suppose his deence on meida nang was given what he'd done he was ina stirkcy wicket!! He did well to survie the intial scandal after all.

he didn't have sex in a chelse strip- Clifford another charmer has admitted inventing it, and his swing was less than the london outer subruban swing (possibly to be fair due to demograph change to the toreis) and