June 07, 2007

Personal Note

As many of you know, in early February my father died very suddenly and without warning after a brain haemorhage. The doctors said that there was no particular reason for it- it was just the kind of thing that happens without explanation. Anyway the Times have just published an obituary of him- and I thought I should link to it for those interested- its here. I'm not going to add very much save for the fact that he was a very great man- loved very much by his family- and I think that's probably all I can write on the subject at the moment.


Political Umpire said...

Very sorry to hear the news, G. He sounds like a very respected man, with good taste as well. Can't say fairer than that.

edmund said...

Very good oblitury-very true to life. and very accurate

Ruthie said...

What a lovely obituary.

I am so sorry for your loss. I know how the pain of losing someone very dear lingers. It will never go away, but the times when it wrenches at your heart will grow fewer and farther between, until you remember him with fondness instead of sorrow.

I wish you and your family luck.

Gracchi said...

Thank you to all three of you.