July 03, 2007

End of Romney

Well on the day that John McCain's candidacy died, it appears that another major Republican is about to bite the dust. Yep that's right Governor Romney has lost a key constituency- for America's dogs have come out against him- and their canine campaigning is bound to bring him down- see here for more!

(Can I apologise for linking to this site instead of to another last night- I am really sorry!)


Rusty said...

The link doesnt work

Lord Nazh© said...

sure it does, it takes you to here :)

note: you have the link pointed back to your blog as rusty is saying.

the bit o'news bit was typical for a US lefty, who knew...especially the part about George lying about poor ole McCain, of course no mention of McCain's lies (or any and all politicians lies during campaign) heh

edmund said...

to be fair mccain has raised more moeny this quarter than he did at this point in the previous cycle-or inded than Bush (who had a huge advantage had) and is also diong better in polls- of course his negatives are higher than they were then but the notion his ocmpley finshed as opposed to in serious trouble is typical media hysteria

the mccain article was awefull ,
superficial trite and misgudied to the point of innaccuracy I'm very busy so I wont' waste my time fisking-might latter.

Lord Nazh© said...

No need edmund, you pretty much summed it up.

Gracchi said...

Well the McCain article isn't the point- the point was the blog about Romney with dogs which isn't a serious point either but a joke.

Its pretty universally accepted that McCain isn't doing brilliantly- he forecast raising 100 million dollars won't get there and is laying off campaign workers- my own feeling at teh moment is he could still come back into it but he has some real disadvantages like age.

But its the Romney thing I'm really concerned with here- I just thought the idea of putting up a load of dogs and saying that they wouldn't vote for Romney was genius- and it wasn't a partisan political point (the Corner quoted it to) but even so its genius.