July 12, 2007

Long Campaigns

I am not a real political enthusiast- because Long Campaigns do bore me- unless anything spectacular happens the news headlines in America will be dominated by a top seven candidates that we became aware of around March this year until early next year. But Long Campaigns do have their advantages possibly- they test the mettle of the candidate and how responsive they are to media pressure. The recent travails of the McCain candidacy though demonstrate something else as Rich Lowry of the National Review reflected upon today recent revelations that McCain didn't know how much money his campaign was spending and the fact that he was taking all of the decisions reflected McCain's lack of executive experience. What they also supply the voter with, and I'm sure that McCain will not be the only candidate to run a bad campaign, is evidence of how competent a person would be at running a far larger organisation- the executive branch of the US Government. In that way despite the long campaign boring people like yours truly to distraction- it may well have its uses as a winnower of those unsuitable for the most powerful office in the world.


Graeme said...

Say what you will about long campaigns, they did produce one of the finest books about American politics ever written: Hunter S Thompson's Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72.

Lord Nazh© said...

They should pass a law (heh) against campaigns starting before Labor day ><