July 05, 2007

More Gracchi

Aha just thought I'd offer up four articles I have written at Bits- one on the plight of migrant workers in the Middle East, another on why educated Muslims become terrorists and reviews of two films, Shrek 3 and Inland Empire, David Lynch's latest confusing masterpiece- hope that something there entertains you!


Colin Campbell said...

Having lived in Singapore, where there are many Bangaldeshis, Indians and Thais building the infrastructure, it is complicated to strike the balance between social order and treating the employees fairly. I lived just off Serangoon Road for a while and that whole community became little India for Sunday evenings as young Indians congregated to spend some of their limited free time.

Countries like the Philippines and Indonesia provide most of the maids, the mainstay of striving Singaporean families. Again, their day out is Sunday on Orchard Road.

It is ironic that the Google advert under your story is for employment in Dubai. Maybe not after reading that.

I know that the income range is huge for workers, with professionals raking it in and laborers lucky to save a dollar.