July 10, 2007


I've just reviewed Michael Moore's new film Sicko at Bits of News- personally I think Moore is right- for a civilised society- however you run it whether the French, British or any other way, universal health care free at the point of need is something that should happen- lets hope that the States gets there in the end.


youdontknowme said...

I agree. A civilised society should take care of it's people and not allow them to go bankrupt just because they want to continue living.

Lord Nazh© said...

Basically you guys think that ALL should pay up front so 'some' can have care at the end?

You realize that the ~15 million CITIZENS that have no health insurance (and not 'between insurances) get free health care every time they goto the (non-private) ER?

You want to raise the taxes of 260-270 million people significantly so that those non-insured people will get insurance for 'free'.

You really need to look at 'free' health insurance as well as take a grain (or shaker) of salt with Moore's films.

You know what the waiting list is like in US hospitals? Hours, minutes in emergency... what's it like in 'civilized' societies? Tell me why Canadians keep coming to the States to pay for health care when theirs is free?

Thank G-d neither of you are going to be President (and hopefully not Hillary either) :)

T said...

but that's the funny thing isn't it? There's no need to increase the cost of health care (either through taxes or payments to the health insurance companies) because as it stands you guys pay way more for your health care system that we do for ours. Its just that in terms of providing a system that recognises the basic dignity of human being, the European model is more efficient.

Usually the other way around but there we go, funny old world...