July 05, 2007

T&GWU Boycott Israel

The T&GWU have announced that they will be joining the boycott of Israel- I have commented before on the matter of the academic boycott of Israel but the T&G boycott strikes me as even more worrying. Academics- or politically motivated academics have a record of folly- the Soviet Union strikes me as the classic examples. But traditionally the major unions in the United Kingdom have been stalwarts of the sensible right of the Labour party- this move by the T&G strikes me as more worrying- that the idea that Israel's crimes are much worse than any other state's crimes is filtering down to some extent into the populationl. I commented before on another thread here about the casual racism on the right towards what Arabs and indeed any Muslims- or as Anne Coulter might ragheads. But it is worth remembering that casual anti-semitism is as prevalent on sections of the left as well. We have to be as wary of the second as the first- and therefore its important for blogs and journalists, politicians and people, to condemn both the boycotts and the racism on the right.


edmund said...

generaly good post- but it'd be good for you to expalin on the other post how thinking some more indivials might have known abut september 11th is somehow anti arab racism!

Ruthie said...

Could not agree more. Nicely put.

Matthew Sinclair said...

The difference between Ann Coulter and the T&GWU, AUT etc. is clear. One is a loudmouth who has been successful through appealing to the lowest common denominator but has no relevance to policy or intellectual discussion. That the article criticising her comes from Michelle Malkin is important to note; Malkin is very right-wing but shows no sympathy for Coulter.

The other is taking concrete steps to further its anti-semitism and is supported by far too many in the Comment is Free, mainstream left.