September 22, 2007

Blogs under Threat Update

Unity has a very good suggestion here- given the libel laws are so unfairly rigged, why don't we nullify them by refusing to find anyone guilty if charged with libel in a UK Court (accepting obvious cases like the Sun and the Mirror versus Joe Public).


lady macleod said...

certainly one suggestion, but is that not a slippery slope?

edmund said...

hmm i think i strongly disagree

a) The rule of law is very important.

b) the "Sun vs "joe publics" i thik makes the point in practice if this were no consist it becomes about how popular people are- why not the Guardian vs Jack Cunningham ect ect? i'm not pleased by a sitioan when you can tell lies about people who are unpopular!

c) I'm not acualy sure whether english libel law (as opposed to guitless web host owners) is that bad-if people can prove someht is true they can say it. the likies of Tom Bower seem to survive. in the US peoole say the most disgracefull things about Bush, Clinton kerry ect- and they're essentialy unsuiable i'm not sure this improves public discourse.

laws makeing bloggers rather than hosters entirely liable (save perhaps if the blogger is annoymonous) might be the way forward