September 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

I should note that its this blog's birthday today. Officially I started posting on 16th September 2006 but the actual first post was this thought about the Pope's speech which caused a furore last year. Its a post I'm still quite proud of, though to be honest not so much of the formatting- I hadn't actually learnt at that point how to hyperlink or indeed to blockquote- the things one learns blogging. Anyway in that time I've made a large selection of friends through blogging and met some of them like James Hamilton and Matt Sinclair and many of them are friends I only know online- Messrs Higham, Ashok Karra, Political Umpire and Ian from Imagined Community amongst so many others. They have all as have so many of those commenting on this blog made me very welcome and I hope this site is quite welcoming as well- lets go on for another year and see what happens. I'm sure whatever does I'll learn a lot!


Ian Appleby said...

Many happy returns! Your thoughtful, subtle analyses grace the 'sphere - and put the kneejerk responses of many others to shame. Long may you continue.

Matthew Sinclair said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Gracchi,
Happy birthday to you.

Huzzah! Congratulations on a great year.