September 24, 2007

Patrick Graham on Iraq

This is a really good article on Iraq by someone who has been there many times and obviously knows the country very well. Go and read it.


Ashok said...

The deep question is this: How do we reconcile an account like the one you've linked to, with an account like this? Or with this?

It would seem that the author of this article thinks the authors of the other articles are dupes, given that they traveled with Americans. He pretty much says this at the bottom of the first page, and I was expecting him to recount more visits with Iraqis and interviews and details of places he's visited.

He did provide a detail or two about Ahmed and his problems getting to Fallujah, and that murderous minister he visited. He also was kidnapped and had insurgent friends. I can't really judge his journalistic credibility.

I imagine Der Spiegel and the Guardian - not exactly friendly parties towards the Bush administration - might have something more severe to say to Mr. Graham than I do.