September 25, 2007

Self Congratulation

I know its been a slow blogging day- and an article will go up this evening.

But I thought I ought to mention the fact that this blog somehow was voted in at no 10 of the non aligned Blogs in the UK. Iain Dale organised the list and his readers in the case of non-aligned blogs voted for it: can I say thank you to Iain for organising it. Thanks to anyone who voted for me. It made me feel pretty good about life this morning when I learned.

Congratulations as well to other bloggers who have featured-Matt Sinclair, Chris Dillow (of stumbling and mumbling) and Dave Cole all made it. However all of them should have been higher. Matt is definitely one of the top conservative bloggers around, Chris is one of the top bloggers full stop around, Dave Cole doesn't post often but when he does its well thought through and interesting. That is the ultimate problem I have with lists like this, and no matter what the methodology this problem would remain, the best, most thoughtful blogs are not always the most popular. Truth like a basterd comes into the world, said Milton- I'm not sure he was entirely right but analysis is harder to sell than gossip, you can't break stories in the same way and that has proved to be the oxygen of much of the British Blogosphere. Its what Dizzy owes his rise to this year according to Iain Dale. The prominence of the gossip blogger is not something to be celebrated in my view- half truths are so much better peddled by the press, afterall they are professionals at it. Intelligent criticism is not something that the dead trees are so good at.

Ultimately this is a nice accolade to wake up to, and thanks to everyone for voting for me, but I'm not entirely sure that the lists give a true reflection of the strength of the British blogosphere and where it is to be found.


Matt M said...

I noticed that earlier. Congratulations. :-)

Should've been higher in my opinion.

Vino S said...

Congratulations, henry. Your blog is well-worth reading and a good addition to the blogosphere

Lord Higham- Murray said...

Maybe I'm missing something here but how do you know the whole 100, Tiberius> I can only find 30 names?

Either way, congrats to you again - a very worthy blog and your position is right and correct [maybe a little higher you should be].

El Dave. said...

It's nice to see that you've been recognised in this way. Too many blogs try to report the news or break stories even when they cannot do so other than in the most superficial way; your blog is thoughtful, analytical and a joy to read.

Ashok said...

I wish he had put up a comment next to each blog on the list - what is each one about, why might they be considered better than another blog, etc.

Congrats, though - it's great you're getting recognized in some way.

I think one of these days a few of us need to get together and create a "Blogs for Elitists" list or something that just reeks of utter arrogance, and give fairly extensive commentary on a number of good blogs, highlighting their best posts.

edmund said...


i think dale to be fair to him has to balance competing values eg popularit y and news exclusiy vs originaltiy of analysis , for a poll of this nature