September 23, 2007

Sensible Mr Steyn

Well done Mr Steyn. Disputes between Britain and America or any two countries about who has fought more for freedom are about as stupid as they come. Ultimately we can all throw historical insults at each other, and we can all boast of our own accomplishments. Lets deal with the future not the past.


Lord Higham- Murray said...

Completely agree [even though they did steal our women in WW2]. Seriously though, as you know, my blog straddles the pond and I can't think of anything more ludicrous than a contrived tiff between these two nations.

By the way, Vox [U.S.A.] has just given some advice to our own BNP.

edmund said...

i woudln even go as far as Gracchi - any two coujne i thik goes too far, it's obvious Brian has done more than Sweden for example

however yes these comments were dumb-and based on historical ignorance at best

Styen's follow ups aren't bad either see

Anonymous said...

I left a political first memory for you...

Gracchi said...

James I agree- the United States as I've said before is a country I have a lot of respect for- despite my occasional opposition to its current President :) Any country which produced Abraham Lincoln, Richard Feynman and Orson Welles deserves our thanks.

Edmund yup. But personally why bother- all countries have contributed to civilisation- I'm happy in this instance to just say that all can have awards!

Mutley I know I've seen- cheers mate!